Farm Fresh Chicken

Since 1925, our family has been bringing farm fresh chicken to local tables in our community and beyond. We’ve grown over the years to include many other farm products, including fresh and frozen meats, produce, seafood, and a wide variety of grocery items.

Ready Meals

In addition to offering fresh poultry, meats, dairy, produce and other groceries, we also have fresh meals available for when you’re too hungry to make it home!

Groceries & More

We’re well known for our farm fresh poultry products, but did you know we also carry both fresh and frozen produce, baked goods, dairy products, deli items, maple & honey, beef, pork, seafood, raw pet food, and hot meals?

Fresh Bread

Whether you’re gearing up for a BBQ or just getting ready for a weekday dinner, we’ve got fresh bread for all your burger-building, dog-crafting, and sandwich-stacking endeavours.

Deli Meats and Salads

Visit our deli for tasty meats and salads! Assemble an authentic Canadian lunch or dinner with all the fixings, whether you’re frying wings, baking a bird or simply stocking a sandwich platter.

Our History

Glen’s grandfather started farming poultry in 1925. His parents continued in the poultry business and founded ‘Three Roads Farms’. The family tradition continues with Glen and his wife, Donna, and their three daughters, Rachel, Katrina and Michelle, all of whom are active participants in the Three Roads Farms operation.


About Three Roads Farms

The story of Three Roads Farms originates from our geographical position at 2415 County Rd 2, Peterborough.

Framed by three roads (Campbelltown Road, Hiawatha Line, and County Road 2), our farm found its name accordingly.


We carry fresh and frozen poultry, beef, pork, seafood, produce, baked goods, cheese, dairy, groceries and more!

Drop in to see our daily sales and hot food specials.

Trucking Distribution

Please call us with your order using the following numbers:

Local: 1-705-295-6850

Toll Free: 1-800-294-7772